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Hello everyone. My name's Bri and Im new to this app. And I just wanted to introduce myself. Ive been a kpop fan for over a year and a half now. I first got into kpop the day EXO's Overdose mv came out and ive been hooked ever since. Im into a lot of groups including girl groups but there is one group in particular that has stolen my heart. Seventeen. I actually first got into Seventeen when 1Punch debuted because Samuel was all over the place. I had no idea who Samuel was or why he was such a big deal until I found out he was supposed to be in a group called Seventeen. After putting Seventeen into that YouTube search bar. There was no turning back. And as many of you know Seventeen debuted shortly after 1Punch so it was good for me in that sense. My original bias in Seventeen was D.K. until I watched Seventeen Project and someome else caught my eye.
Lee Jihun. I can honestly say he's the love of my life. I was really attracted to his work ethic if that makes sense. When I saw him in the studio everythinf changed. I saw him as a man instead of an idol. I saw him as a person. He is immensley talented and I am just so thankful that he exists.
I love all the members though honestly. Ive never seen a self-producing idol group and i think they'll go far. They are all so talented and funny and charismatic I truly believe they'll be around for a very long time. SEVENTEEN FIGHTING!!!!!!
Same to all of that
I love Seventeen so much! They're all genuinely great guys and I hope they're really successful in the future!