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Okay so obviously if any ARMYS out there erm ... stalk probably isn't the right word ... watch! BTS like most normal kpop fans do. Then I'm betting you would have seen their AMAZING DANCE (MAMA what's good?) performance? If you haven't not, however please enlighten yourself ...
Anyway after much (muchmuchmuchmuch) fangirling, I finally contained my excitement and continued to watch the show ..... BUT THEN OF COURSE THIS HAPPENS!!!
AND I'M BACK TO SQUARE ONE AGAIN !!!! Honestly ... come on, give a girl a break. You can't just throw that daebak performance in her face -with those sexy hip thrusts and body rolls- end it then throw a massive win in her face come on! I could've died from beingaproudommaidus (it's a thing) I'm not even kidding this was me during both of those segments of the show
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was literally screaming the house down. My mother even ran into my room thinking I was being attacked or something screaming "OMGOSH WHAT'S WRONG?! ARE YOU DYING!? I'M COMING!!!!!" She comes in the room and I'm just sitting on the ground with my laptop like
and then she's like "is it Kopp again? Seriously... just... ugh!" and walks away and I'm there like "BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" No joke I was bawling hehe. But yeah I know I'm delayed but I'm new to Vingle and I was watching the Melon performance again and I just HAD to share what I was feeling cause dayum was it hard to contain all the feels. . . . . . Also . . . IKON COME BACK TODAY !!!! Their new MVs are up on their YouTube channel! Please help them by watching!!! Hwaiting!!!!!!
also remixes kill me so the I Need U performance was the end of me
@kpopandkimchi Ahaha yaas! The crowd was sooooooo loud! You know I really REALLY hope that BTS adds this version of I Need U either to their new ablum or a repackaged album idkk... but it seriously needs to be officially released