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We have chosen our date by there lovely smile in part 1( In part 2( our hearts flutter was confirmed with a big reveal.

Now in part 3 we need to choose a venue for the date.

Our bias won't tell us where. He asks you what your favorite flower is from the six below... They are all beautiful but one speaks to your slow. Your eyes twinkle with happiness as you give your answer.
A.) Larkspur
B.) Orchids
C.) Stargazer Lilies
D.) Daisies
E.) Yellow roses
F.) Tulips
Oppa eyes shine with mischievousness and delight as you answer. "I Was hoping You Would pick that date." Your confused..."huh?" "BABE, the flower you chose corresponds to what date we will be going on. You are too cute." he says as he leans down and presses his lips to your forehead. You smile from ear to ear just like our Oppa. "Until tomorrow, be patient and wait I need to go back to work now. I'll text you the details as to when I'll be picking you up. Until then think only of me." he gives you the adorable pouty face he only can pull off. You watch as he leaves and sigh just a little because tomorrow seems like it's forever and a day away.
p.s. I hope O hi are enjoying the game right now. ✌☆☆☆☆★★★★★
I choose A... Just so ya'll know, if was really on a date with TOP, I would NOT be this calm lol
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