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Ishida Sui, the author the widely popular manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul, does not get enough love! This man has shaken the foundations of manga. In Tokyo Ghoul Re we see new characters who really being out the awesomeness of Sui. His ability to create characters a reader can get emotional attached to is unparalleled. But not only are his characters deep and captivating, as readers may have noticed, he has CANON TRANS CHARACTERS. To me this is huge. Kanae Von Rosewald was just recently revealed to be female. The entire fandom is confused on what pronouns to use for Kanae which means they actually care about respecting someones identity. And that might have been Ishida's goal all along. We also know that the main character has a mental illness. Also we have Mitsuki who is 100% trans and goes by "he". There is also Suzuya, although he was castrated. Ishida Sui is bringing, or rather has brought, into his works real world situations that are overlooked. People just toss aside tansgender individuals and people with mental illnesses, just completely dismissing their problems. But nonetheless, Ishida Sui has taught me and many other readers around the world many importsnt lessons through his manga.

Ishida Sui, I see what you did there. Lets not forget what Tokyo Ghoul really is.

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