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@AimeeH what you been doing with our boys? I love translations XD
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@Emealia I am so sorry Baby Girl!! It kinda just happened! Like low-key, I went to meet hope, buttttttt NamJoon man!
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@AimeeH Even though it breaks my heart T^T @Jiyongixoxo is right, it must be kept a secret
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@Emealia I am so sorry :[ I appreciate you so much! ♡♡♡♡♡ I just I don't know what my priorities are atm
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@AimeeH this is what you get for keeping secrets. Namjoon tells all! LOL
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@ChelseaJay Haha! Right?!?! Like sheesh! I just thought I could be a sneaky sneak.. guess not! Good thing I was prepared for this! I have a name change form ready! XD 😂😂😂
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