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I see him, And he sees me, But as he looks away He notices her And goes wow. Hes blinded, He thinks he sees Something beautiful in her But at the end of the day She wipes it away With a cleansing wipe. All that make up, Blinded him, But what about me? I dont wipe my beauty Away each day When i go home. I dont pretend To be something im not But will he notice? She may look better With that make up But hes just blinded. Hes infactuated with her, But im right for him. Im lost, Im confused, Im frustrated on what to do, He looks into my eyes With his sparkly eyes, And he starts To fall in love, But that girl With so much make up, Distracts him, Blinds him From reality, But thats not her, But i am me, Will he ever see?