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So I know each and every one of my SHINee boys by heart now... I can tell which member is singing when, even on things I listen to for the first time... I am aware of some of their birthdays... But I only know one SS501 member and that is Kim Hyun-Joong, Idk what 2PM's members even look like, I just love the songs, I know a few of SuJu members especially my bias Kangin, and I am new to Vixx and can't even recall but two of their names... But mark my words, one day EVERYTHING WILL BE KNOWN!!! LOL I will be very well acquainted with each member of each of my favorite kpop bands!!! But for right now SHINee is like 80% of my life, 15% other kpop, kdramas, anime and video game stuff and the last 5% is real life stuff like chores... Hahahaha!!! I love SHINee!!!
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Even though Key is my bias I haven't memorized his bday yet... I know Taemin's because its close to my own... July 18th 1993 which his birth year is easy to remember because its a year before my deceased beloved brother's birth year... I think Onew's and Minho's is in December but idk what day, I know Onew is a year older than me so his birth year is 1989 and Minho is a year younger than me so his is 1991... Jonghyun is also older than me by a three months so that makes his bday sometime in April... I know Key's birthday is in September idk what day...
@Kieuseru Above comment and this one... Jonghyun was born in 1990 forgot to say that... And I squeal silently inside almost everytime I hear Key's sexy voice!!!
I can identify them by voice and looks. I did the first time I heard them lol
I understand shinee is really the only group in which i can tell everyone apart. I also know onew's birthday because its the same day as mine!!!
@deilig Awe !!! Yay!!!