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I've been seeing these words thrown around a lot lately for the first time on the vingle community and saw others calling one another these words and blah blah blah... so I did a lot of research on the terminology and I am going to explain them as simply and objectively as possible... here it goes! First I want to start off by saying individuals attach their own meanings to words which made it rather difficult to decipher these words singularly and purely so to speak but anyway I'll continue.. In America "Otaku" is a term used in a healthy way to describe someone who is super into Games but more specifically Anime, or Manga. In Japan it is used in a negative way to describe someone with an unhealthy addiction to these things. In America the term "Weeaboo" is generally used in a negative way to describe a person who likes all of those things but is obsessed with the Japanese culture in which they "pronounce and mispronounce japanese words"....oh and liking mainstream anime apparently is a weeaboo thing to do also...But Weeaboo originally and simply just means "wanna be japanese" So basically it seems like when the term Weeaboo is used in a negative way by those who are either having an ego trip about who is the more experienced anime-watcher/manga-reader or because they think it's lame to "wanna be japanese"? I'm sorry but that's fucking silly. I just dont understand why someone would trash another for essentially liking the same things such as anime "tooo much or too little" or for being "inexperienced". I mean we are all inexperienced at some point in our lives about various things...that's life. You travel along picking up experiences on the way and no one should feel stupid for that. That being said not everyone is as extreme as that out there by any means. I've personally received nothing but friendliness from people who dig anime especially on here. I thought/felt this was just something that needed to be addressed within the anime community in general (not on Vingle specifically). The main point I wanna make is:

We should be embracing one another for our common intrests and NOT putting each other down for differences in expression or selection.

At the end of the day We ALL enjoy anime/manga ^.^
I second that motion!
the people calling other people weeaboo have no idea what they're talking about
Well said.
I don't use either term for myself or others. That settles the matter for me. I just use the usual word "fan".. makes life easy. I think the whole ordeal is silly.
Haha exactly, I defintiley feel you. It's such a large intrest of ours it is nice to be able to talk about with others who are just as into it. The Internet is certainly is a place/thing that can connect us all in that way which is kind of fascinating actually. Plus meme land omgee @MaighdlinS
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