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Lock and Home Screen Challenge

Qué tal!? I know I've been randomly absent from Vingle. College life is super busy mis amigos! However, everything is going well with my studies! I was tagged by my awesome amiga @AmbieB for this challenge. Thanks for the tag! I nominate @shannonl5 @xxxtina @LAVONYORK @MichelleHolly All you have to do is share what your home and lock screen look like!

Let's go!

This is my lock screen. It's a picture of my boo Namjoon aka RAP MONSTER!!

"R to da M I'm a moutha****in MONSTER!" -RM

I LOVE HIM! He protects my phone from hackers like my younger dumb brother lol!
He should be great at being a protector as long as he doesn't do this.....


Next is my home screen. I like this picture. Call me nasty but I will be nasty for Jimin lol! This how he would look when he trying to control himself around all my sexiness lol.


I like your style. =3=
thanks 😄😄
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