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I was tagged by this crazy awesome person @amobigbang for this challenge. I nominate anyone who wants to do it! All you have to do is share what your home and lock screen look like!
First, my lock screen. If anyone sees my comments for anything involving The Joker, they know how I absolutely LOVE him!!! Especially Heath Ledger's Joker So of course the first thing I need to see when I turn on my phone is a Heath Ledger/Joker quote!!!
Now to my home screen.

Cue waterworks

What many people wouldn't know unless they know me personally is that I have, for the majority of my life, suffered from self esteem issues. Especially my physical traits. I've always felt too big and rarely ever felt truly beautiful. I always felt like I needed to hide my 'flaws' and I was always extremely dependant on finding a guy to tell me how beautiful I was to convince me that I was.
Now, I rarely wear makeup; I tell myself that if people don't like seeing my bare face then they can get away and not look at me, it's their problem. I keep this as my home screen to remind myself that the world doesn't define my beauty, God and myself do.
thanks @amobigbang!! I'm just glad that I've finally found where I belong馃槉
thanks for the shout out and sharing that personal information! You are beautiful and the haters can kick rocks and sniff toxic glue!
Heck yeah, nobody can define your beautiful but you.
This is a great challenge!!!
@MelissaMae what do you mean exactly?
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