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So if any if you have seen any cards I've clipped or seen any comments that I've posted, you would know that B.A.P. is my ultimate bias group. Knowing what happened with their lawsuit, I honestly thought it was over for them, but as soon as they announced their comeback, I could not be any more excited.
I've religiously followed them up until this point. I've watched every single teaser the minute they came out, and the excitement kept growing and growing. I honestly thought I was ready because I just wanted to have them back so so bad. But then I saw the video, and honestly....
I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY READY. I have seen B.A.P. live and have actually attended one of their concerts in which I needed 3 songs to pass by in order to stop crying because of just how emotional it was to see them in person, but I have watched this video about 5 times and I still cannot stop crying, even harder now, at just how beautiful it is. I'm not even talking about just the video itself, but also everything that has happened within the past year, almost 2 years, and they're still able to give their fans the true sense of who B.A.P. is, what B.A.P. stands for. I've just missed them so so so much.
B.A.P. is not just another band to me. They symbolize something so much greater than that, about how we should stop injustice around the world. They completely overcame their obstacles and the injustice they were facing and are now delivering their music in an even more powerful way than before. I absolutely cannot wait for this album to come out, but I definitely need a fellow BABY to comfort me in the process, because today was only a taste of what is yet to come. My boys are back, and just hearing and seeing them do what they love makes me more than happy. Thank you for your time! -Rosa :)
@HarperKennett @CreeTheOtaku They're just so easy to create an emotional connection with. Words cannot even begin to describe the love I have for them. BAP fighting ✊
I agree completely. Through all that they went through, they made an incredibly fierce comeback that represented their emotions and thoughts throughout their troubles. BAP fighting!
I actually cried at the end when t he fans wanted an encore