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My 30 Day K-Pop Challenge: Day 15

Okay I'm halfway through this challenge and it's day 15 so I have to share a K-pop group that I...hate?! I don't even know if that's possible because I don't hate anyone in particular but there are one or two groups that I just, uh, don't listen to if I can help it😅 Don't hate me as this is not hate for the group, but if I had the choice to listen to this group or another, I would always choose another group.
It's AOA. Sorry y'all. Jimin's voice can be too much for me sometimes and I have never made it through an entire AOA song. Then, she got on Unpretty Rapstar...🙉🙉🙉🙉 BUT I'll admit that I like "Puss". I usually listen to it because Iron's part is 🔥🔥🔥. Also, I kinda...maybe...sorta think that EXID is overrated but maybe that's just me. I literally cannot take hearing "Up Down" anymore 🙉🙉 *runs away to hide somewhere safe* Phew! That was way too much for me. I'll keep this really short because I don't want other fandoms to hate me too. If you still like my posts after this, tomorrow I'll be sharing a kpop idol I want to be my older brother for day 16. Again, my bad for this! They told me to 😩 You're welcome to send me a song that you think might change my mind 😊
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