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Kinda upset I missed their broadcast but the bright side I didn't have to wait for it to buffer.
Would it be considered theft if I "borrowed" these posters and never return it? I'm just so excited for their full album to come out you guys!!!
P.S. The rumors about B.I's rude attitude towards Chanwoo and how he's ruining iKON's reputation. . .care to explain to me more. They look happier than expected. So those nasty rumors, (그만)geuman. B.I staring straight into Chanwoo's eyes as if they were lovers on the 6th picture. ♡iKONIC through thick and thin♡
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For real tho. B.I. looks at Chanwoo like he looks at Bobby 😍😍😍 Haters just gotta stop hating...
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Your last sentence tho hahahahahha
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