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Cream cheese batter off the double boiler.
Ready to mix egg whites (stiffly beaten)
Batter and meringue
Last 1/3 of meringue to be folded into the batter.
Ready for the oven
Baking @338 degrees for 15 minutes.. Then 320 for another 15 minutes... After that I will turn off the oven and leave it there for another 15 minutes.
Out of the oven. I left it in the oven 10 more minutes.
Letting it cool down.
Ready to eat. I don't like any jam or powdered sugar on it so I am going to eat it as is. Itadakemasu! Oishii desu! Very light and fluffy!
what's in the batter?
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Cream cheese egg yolks and sugar@HeatherWright
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