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awwhhh gd gave top a chu
pic 2 : Q: If you had to choose one member of Bigbang to spend the rest of your life with, who would you choose? A: T.O.P
BTW sorry if it annoys you that I post to much posts about g dragon or things that are g dragon related but in my defense he's to interesting to not post about ( I don't think that that was a good sentence but whatever) so if it really bothers you I'm sorry and if it doesn't GD posts all the way ❀
Please don't make me chose. I want them all!
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@CarenBoykins I know the struggle if I literally had to choose one I would've chose GD because he's the reason I got into kpop and was the first one I got attracted to struggle of fangirls ( and fanboys don't want to discriminate 😁 )
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