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i have been useing this app for a few months.
you can add fav so you dont have to remmember what you have been watching. and if you forget the name of an anime you can search, from a HUGE data base useing the 3bars 2nd from the left on the tool bar. i didnt screen shot that.
and what i love best about this app. is for those long animes, bleach, DBZ, naruto....and so on. if you forget the last episode you watched this app will tell you the last ep you watched. in this screen shot you can see in the upper right corner that i last watch ep 29 of fairy tail. so i ecurage if you havent used this app get it. oh and no adds (as of yet) during the episodes.
I have that app. it works really well
@eddhead500 u can watch anime for free on the app?
yeah it does
i use to use crunchyroll. this app makes crunchyroll seem like crap.