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Thank you @MorganElisabeth and @Kmeier230 for tagging me
this is my IPods lock screen picture
This is my IPod background picture
this is my phone lock screen picture
This is my Phone background picture
and as of right now this is my computer background (I took this picture passing through Kentucky)
Have an extra picture of VAV tagging @electica @KellyOConnor
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Yeah it is definite that they will have a 7th member and he will probably be so handsome and talented that he will wreak everyone's bias list @EmilyGardner
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do you live near kentucky? because i live literally 15 minutes from that bridge.
2 years ago·Reply
@AbbyHudson I live in Tennessee we pass through Louisville when we go to Michigan
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@destiny1419 ok thats cool. but we still live semi close😁
2 years ago·Reply
@AbbyHudson Yeah Louisville is about 4 hours away
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