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I'm finally at peace. I waited so long till they came back. I never gave up hope that they would be back. I just didn't know if they were gonna be with the same company or not. like they said in their song YOUNG, WILD & FREE. "I know we're better together. FOREVER" BAP is my #1 group. and you all might already know that since everything I post up is usually about BAP. But these boys affected me greatly. When I first got into K-pop, I didn't expect myself to be that kind of fan that would cry for a group. When they filed their lawsuit and went on a hiatus. I cried and cried. I was so depressed. But I knew something like this was gonna happen so I was a tiny bit prepared to hear something like that. Cause I was keeping up with them and I saw their smiles disappearing and they looked sick and I saw that one picture of Daehyun holding his mic and his wrist showing and their was a iv. That made me mad and sad. so when they filed the lawsuit I was in quite a shock. I couldn't believe my boys were leaving the K-pop world. But after a week or so I came to realization that it's better that way. after the time passed. I saw that they're happy. they were meeting with friends. spending more time with family. traveling. having fun. I was happy for them.! but even so I basically gave up in trying to love any other K-pop group cause I didn't want my heart to be broken again. but ever since their announcement of a comeback. my days became brighter and so much happier. I'm getting into groups again. even though they won't ever beat BAP. but my kings are back.!!! they might not be y'alls kings but they're mine :) and I'm one happy girl.!!! I'm smiling ear to ear.!! if you read this. thank you. haha. :) peace. ✌ chyeah.!