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Trojane doughnuts are the most popular Slovenian doughnuts. They are most certainly something you cannot miss when visiting the Heart of Slovenia. Trojane, situated by the Štajerska Highway, make the most doughnuts for the carnival, i.e. around 100,000, however they sell vast numbers of doughnuts all year round as well. They have been making doughnuts for half a century. They must have made around 100 million doughnuts so far. The secret to their success lies in the recipe of Rajka Konjšek, the former owner of the inn Pri Konjšku na Trojanah, who was making doughnuts in 1961. Guests were thrilled about the doughnuts back then but she probably never imagined that her doughnuts would become so famous.
Doughnuts are of highest quality, always fresh and attentively prepared. They received the golden emblem of the Slovenian quality. Surprise your family and bring Trojane doughnuts from your travels around the Heart of Slovenia!
Also, with that card, I am making a new collection; I feel Slovenia, which you can follow if you want to know more about my country (like food, cities, language, traditions, etc) :)
can we order them online and have it shipped?
it is more bread-like, but with eggs and it is much softer :) @Animaniafreak
Just curious, does the doughnut have a more cake or bread-like texture? I noticed that krispy kreme has a bread-like dough, while donut king is more a cake batter.
I don't think so haha :( @Baoyi