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I am so sorry. Omg I was like 2 hours late on watch in the mv! I wanted to cry! How could I be so late on one of my most favorite groups!!!
This first video is the official video with the intro. This can be found on TS Entertainment page on YouTube.
This second video is the video without intro. This video can be found on 1theK page on Youtube.
This video is the subbed version that HITTsubs did. S/he was realy fast at subbing this mv lol like not even an hour after the official mv came out.
Also just look at this! 1theK definitely supports BAP in their comeback lol But my babys slayed! They slayed with their live show and their mv comeback!! BAP forever BEST.ABSOLUTE.PERFECT!!!!
I just want to make an entire card devoted to Zelo and his glasses. I love them so much.
@kpopandkimchi His no shirt! That boy is too young still! I couldn't believe it when it happened lol