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What do you all prefer?

Personally I prefer subs, just because Japanese voice actors give me life. In English speaking places where dubs are created there is no re-animation so the original script mush change to match the original timing and mouths of the characters in the anime. That being said I also think English voice actors just aren't as good. I mean in Japan they have voice acting schools! How could we ever compete? My favorite example of horrible English voice acting is Bryce Papenbrook as Eren Yeager, with his original Japanese voice actor being the god that is Yuki Kaji. Bryce just couldn't fulfill the role properly. Eren screams every five seconds and Yuki Kaji's screams are amazing and he can hold them for long periods of time. Bryce Papenbrook's would give out and get super airy... I just didn't like his voice acting at all, well at least as Eren. But while I prefer subs, there are some dubs I enjoy. For example I really liked Black Butler dubbed, whether it be season 2 or Book of Circus. I just love the fact the anime/manga is set in Victorian style London and the English voice actors could do accents. It was perfect and natural! A job well done!
So what do you think? Dubs or subs? And why?
And if you like dubs don't be discouraged by my words! Comment below and defend your preference! I would love to know why!
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sub no question
Subs are awesome ☆ @ChrisSavory
Always sub. I never really like dubs because I think the voice actors sound somewhat "dramatic"? xD And besides, there's not always going to be a dub for animes... That's why I just stick with subs.
if i cant get it dubbed then ill watch it subbed. makes no difference to me since i mainly watch to see the artwork in motion in general. i use to love subs but just dont have the time to watch it in that format anymore. i have to multi task. im glad to see you guys not bashing the dub lovers like ive seen in alot of others posts. the anime comunity needs to stay strong and not squable over opinon.