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such a cute drama!! really liked the acting of everyone! especially yoochun! its nice to see him in a cute role!~} but one question! in the drama why was it that Director Yoon helped Henry kill people,,!?! when they had scenes together it seemed like they where really close! and like when they were in the police place and he was copying henry!?! what was that??? does he have a mental problem ? why did he help henry?? anyway! feel so so so so sad for henry,! why did they have to pick such a hot guy to be evil,! hate it when that happened >~< and the ending was just cuteee~ ‘What would have happened if we met like this?’ it really does reveal to everyone that one persons choice effects everyone, if Han Tae joon didn't choose money instead of family, then everything wouldnt have happened,the way it did, and it was so sad to know that if things didn't happen that way all three of them would have been good friends :) su yoen wouldn't have been kidnapped, henry would have a loving mother caring for him, and Jung-Woo wouldn't have been tide up in such an emotional exhaustion in finding his childhood love,,,