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I've watched you in your most cheerful smile, I've watched you laugh as if there's no tomorrow , I've watched you cry like a child missing her parents, I've watched you look outside the window without any expression, I watched you red with rage, I've watched you blushing in your wedding dress, I've watched you laze around in your oldest T-shirt, I've watched you giggle in the red dress I bought you, I've watched you wearing nothing, as bare as one can be, Everything about you is etched into my memory, Memory is a boon they say, I deny, Memory is my curse, For every day I visit your grave, These memories make me wonder, Why did I live, when you had to die?
@ObscurePoet you are welcome, I see you as a great poet. When I first joined Vingle I immediately felt accepted, it really is a great place to share your thoughts. :)
@rodiziketan Thank you! :) I agree. Vingle is a wonderful place to share ideas.
oh, I am speachless, and I agree with you, @LizArnone , the ending is killing me everytime I read it. @ObscurePoet I love your way/style of writting.
@rodiziketan Well thank you very much! I'm flattered :) I'll write more. And people like you motivate me to do so. Thanks again.
I'll be posting more such poems and write ups in this collection. Stay tuned and please review. Thank you everyone :)
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