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So I am obsessed with some pretty strange things. Let me know in the comments if we have anything else in common besides KPop... So I know I'm not the only one. - KPop!! - Tim Curry (actor) - CATS!!! - Laverne and Shirley (TV show) - Christmas - Star Wars - Making things (Food and crafts) I'd be such a great friend because I'd just make you food whenever you want. I need someone to make food for...
Okay, that's enough from me! Comment below if you think you have any weird obsessions.
I also want to share this. I made a Christmas shadow box today. I'm pretty proud of it.
@AimeeH TAH DAH! I made a thing.
@MyaIsNotSexy Oh my gosh! I love that!! That box is so pretty!!
@AimeeH Thank you! I'm so proud of it
@MyaIsNotSexy As you should be dear! That looks amazing!
when u turn around and t.o.p standing there looking at you......."Dirty Thoughts"