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Look down Push off Dolphin Now Left Arm Right Arm Left Right Left Right What is this? Why can't I move? Shit. I need to breathe! Gasp I'm losing consciousness. Darkness. *Authors P.O.V.* Jungkook never trusted the water. He's terrified of swimming [I know he's not, but pretend for the sake of this] because of an incident that happened when he was little. Lets just say, he almost drowned if it weren't for his teacher who was nearby. Poor Jungkook never stepped into another pool again. Even though he never stepped into a pool, he couldn't help but admire Y/N. Y/N Loved swimming and would often be near water. Today he just so happens to be passing by the pool just to take a look at her. He saw her getting ready, a look on her face that read determination. She slid her goggles over her eyes and got into position and looked down at the water. A whistle was blown and she took off along with other swimmers. Even though he couldn't see her, he knew how fast she swam and when her head would poke out of the water. He counted the seconds. 10... 11... 12... 13... ... 26.. ... 40... That's when he knew something was wrong. He ran near the pool looking for her body, and didn't think it through and jumped in. He swam down and got to her, her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened slightly. Her body was tangled in ropes. He easily removed her body from there, and with a strong push off from the ground they were met with air in just a short amount of seconds. He didn't waste time in performing CPR on her. ~~~ *Y/N P.O.V* "She's breathing!" I started coughing like crazy as I opened my eyes. My eyes started going in and out of focus as I tried taking in my surroundings. "What... h-happened?" I managed to say. "There were loose ropes in the pool and you got tangled in one of them." I heard coachs' voice. "Its all your fault! She could have died if I didn't jump in! Why didn't you do anything or even check up on her if she wasn't coming out of the water? Or at least see that all those ropes were loose? Why not close that lane or take out the ropes from there?" I heard someone else, and they were slowly raising their voice. My eyes finally focused and I saw Jungkooks' body towering over mine. I opened my mouth to say something again, but Jungkooks hand was on my mouth. "Don't say anything. We're leaving." As soon as that was said, he picked me up bridal style. He took me to the lockers and sat me down. He took off his shirt, I had to try and not look at his bare chest, and then looked through my bag and got out my shampoo. He carried me again and took me to the showers. He sat me down on a small stool that is in every shower and he turned on the showers to a specific temperature. Without saying anything, he leaned down next to my neck and my breathe hitched. He grabbed the edges of the stool and moved it under the water, letting it hit my skin. He grabbed my shampoo bottle and squirted it on his hand. He rubbed his hands together then placed them in my hair and started softly rubbing my hair. It feels so good. His soft hands made me shiver in delight. He then washed my hair and turned off the shower. I was about to stand up when he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Nope. I'm still going to carry you." "I can walk, I'm fine now!" "Can't I have an excuse to carry you?" He mumbled. I grinned and spread my arms. "Alas!" I yelled. He laughed and I swear. Its the best thing ever. He placed one hand on my back and the other under my legs and carried me out birdal style to where my clothes were. He sat me down and I didn't want to pull out my clothes. So I just stared down. "E-hm." Jungkook said. I slowly looked up at him and he was glancing at me then my gym bag. I smiled awkwardly as a response. He sigh slightly and went towards my gym bag before I even had the time to move. He pulled out my shirt and I looked down. "Y/N? Why do you have my shirt?" He asked. I looked at him and smiled awkwardly again. "It smells good and it fits me big. Also it's from you." I mumbled the last part but I guess he heard it since he's inching closer to me. "You know, I don't like sharing clothes.... I guess I'll make an exception for you since you're special." He said and I found myself blushing at that. I looked up and grinned at him. He placed the shirt over my head and I moved my hands so it can go in the holes and he let it fall to my sides. I moved away from him and got out my shorts and put them on. "Let's go!" I said, I swung my gym bag on my shoulder and was about to start walking when he stopped me. "Wait. Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked. I looked at him and he walked closer to me. He grabbed my hand, and I looked at him weirdly as I felt my cheeks getting hotter. "I don't want those guys to stare." I rolled my eyes and giggled. We walked out of the lockers hand in hand. I couldn't look at the pool right now so I kept my attention to the ground and to Jungkooks hand and mine intertwined together. We walked out of the pool site and we were walking through the front of the school where there were trees and benches. We sat on one of the benches, our hands never letting go. I smiled at the view. The leaves were turning an orange-reddish color and there were birds flying. The breeze was calm but it was strong enough to make some leaves fall on the ground. Everything is perfect. I was the first to break the silence that grew. "I thought you were terrified of pools?" I asked as I looked at him. He was facing the front his side profile so picture perfect. "I am scared of pools, but when I saw you not coming up out of the water, I didn't think of what I was doing. All that lingered in my mind was," He looked at me,"'I cannot lose my world'." I didn't notice how close he was until he touched my cheek. My breathe hitched and a few seconds later, his lips were on mine. Who knew, my hero, would be kissing me on a perfect fall day?
This is adorable!