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Thanks @StefaniTre for tagging me in this challenge. I'm so excited to show you guys my lockscreen/wallpaper and to see what you guys think. I hope you guys like it :)

1. LockScreen: TOP

Of course my ultimate bias is my lock screen.. He's everything you need to see when you turn on your phone. I mean who wouldn't want to see that face..It's just something I need on a daily basis and I have no shame for saying that lol XD

2. Home Screen: V

V my second ultimate bias is my home screen because his smile is everything to me. His smile is something I have been needing these past few days. He is just that type of person to just make you smile even when you don't want too which I love:)
I hope you guys enjoyed my lockscreen/wallpaper and I'm challenging these peeps: @4dalientae @MyaIsNotSexy @kpopgirl42 @Exoexo

If you've already done the challenge tag me in it I want to see it :)

Love You Guys!!!

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I love your home screen!!!!!! Taehyung is adorably perfect