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Learning Korean
Hi! I'm Tisha and I'm currently teaching myself to read, write and speak Korean fluently. I just started a couple days ago so I'm still very much in the beginning stages. If there is anyone here who is also learning Korean let's be friends and we can learn together!
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@iweepforwonder my daughters and I are using Korean from Zero and it's been very helpful. and it's free!
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You can check out Vingle's Learn Korean community here:https://www.vingle.net/community/Learn-Korean :D
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hey!! I just started learning Korean too, right now I'm learning the very basics of vowels, consonants and the arrangement of letters and syllables :)
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@jimidiot me too! i actually just got done learning the basics but i'm going to study more until i know it all perfectly! letter and syllable arrangement are the hardest for me to understand right now so i have to learn about that too
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