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Hello everybody! I just finished Trinity Seven and decided to write a bit of a review on here! This review will be spoiler free so don't worry about that! This is based on just the animation and I haven't read the source material.


The show is about a boy named Arata Kasuga whose cousin disappeared because of an event called a "collapse phenomenon". He finds his way to a school for magic called Biblia Academy where he learns that the way to save his cousin is to master his magic and enlist the help of the Trinity Seven, the most powerful wizards in their respectful fields.

Animation and Music:

The animation is fantastic and fluent. Fighting scenes look great and all the spells cast look like they belong. Other shows sometimes change animation style or make it 3-D which just doesn't work and Trinity Seven is void of that. The music is fine. I didn't find that it helped nor hindered the story, you could take it or leave it.

Reactions and Overall Thoughts:

The world created is pretty interesting. I like the biblical approach to magic and it doesn't hit you over the head with religion or anything. The main characters are all great and likeable. Each character has unique personalities and there's someone for everyone to call their favorite. The main protagonist reminds of a mix between Yuuki Rito from To Love Ru and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach except a bit more perverted. It should also be noted that there is quite a bit of ecchi in this show although it's not too over the top, however it is a big part of the down times of the show and there is a lot of it. In my opinion, the show didn't have enough tension and was overall too easy going. I never felt worried for the characters because they never felt worried for themselves. High tension moments were few and far between and had did little to affect me as a viewer. There is one exception to this towards the end but that's about it. It was however, still entertaining and i enjoyed watching the characters interactions in most cases.
And the final verdict is 7/10 which on my anime list translates to Good! Great characters and interesting dynamics were enough to keep me invested in the show and keep watching. It suffers from lack of tension and inability for me to worry about the characters. I say it's on par with The World God Only Knows which I give the same score. I do hope for a second season as I am very interested to see where the story goes from here.
Thanks for reading my card and remember to tell me what you thought of my review and your opinions down in the comments below! Have a great day! Ja ne
it has been confirmed but there isn't a release date yet
wait till season two:)
Liese and Levi are a part of my Harem lol
site pleasee lol
I'm so hope there will be a season 2
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