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Okay, yeah I suck at making titles but aww well... I told you guys that I would show you a bit of pages from the book "Korean from zero!" that I own heh Its not much because I want you lovely people to see for yourselves the inside of it!! But I could give you a preview of it!! That is my personal copy of the book (pictured above) it has a lot of post its. They help me find some rules or grammar that I peruse throughout the lessons that I have done (and will do)
I will apologize right now for the extremely horrible quality of these images (my phone's camera kills me) The first image is pretty much what you first learn which is the Hangul that will be used a lot (a lot!!) all over the book! : sucked at writing in the beginning (hmm still kind of do) The second are some examples of what you are going to see the first couple of pages. This particular page is about double batchim and vowels (don't worry if you don't understand it) as you could see I added the romanization of the words it helped me say the words at this beginning level! The third one are examples of some of the conversations that are all throughout the book, they will be translated like this! The fourth one is an example of exercises that you will do at the end of each lesson (at this point I was not really understanding how to translate or write well... still have trouble)
Another example of some exercises of translating.... I tried to find one where I had most answers right. The next one you could see by this point I didn't need to write the romanization because I now know his to read hangul (although pretty slowly at times) The next one is just to show you how much I improved (and I truly have it is getting easier to write in Korean) This last page is where I currently am in the book (which is already well through the book) more complex grammar! I looked a little forward into the book and it doesn't have much English!! something to look forward to!
Well I hope this helped you a bit and showed you what is waiting for you (if you decide to purchase the book) If you need any questions answered I will try my best to help you!!!
Warning though... They stop romanization by the 5th chapter. Once they have taught you all the Hangul it's all Hangul after. So if you don't study up hard on Hangul you will get lost in the workbook or be flipping through back and forth constantly. So, post it page markers are a great idea for true beginners. :)
I really really need help with learning korean.....
Hmm i bought mines on Amazon so you could try there @HappyLulie
Where do you buy this?!?!?!?!? Please!! Korean language is getting harder as i progress in learning on my own.
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