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So let's talk about Puella magi Madoka magica. This show is one of the best I have ever seen. It had the saddest ending the best begging, it is just awesome.
If you haven't seen it you need to stop what ever your doing and watch it. I'm going to tell you a little bit of what those of you who haven't seen it can get a picture.
Puella magi Madoka magica is about five magical girls, who all made a contract with some cat thing named Kyubey. The catch is when you make a contract with him you get one wish, but they all turn out hurting you or some one else. Okay that's all I'll tell you. Other whys I'll end up spoiling everything.馃槄
So who wants to know there names? I do!!! I'll give you one small detail about them,okay? Ok!!馃槈
Kyouko Sakura. Small detail about her:she loves food and apples.
Next up we have, Sayaka Miki. Detail: her weapon is swords
Mami Tomoe Detail: she loves tea
Homura Akemi Detail:she wears glasses.
Madoka Kaname Detail:she some how loves Kyubey
So who exactly is this "Kyubey"? The contractor. I honestly think he is a selfish, gross, heartless, stupid, a-hole. Well to some it all up he's a villain. Kinda.
So I did say this show had a sad ending, it did make me cry and still does. But not just the show the some quotes make me cry. Now they may not make you cry but I'm pretty sensitive.馃槩
So there you are some quotes.
All if you haven't seen this show you have to watch it. It's really good I'm sure you will like it.! Any ways thanks a ton for reading, and have a hexellent day..., and just keep rocking it!!鈽猴笍
@gabbycalzada because literally becoming the devil for someone is friendship only.
I've been meaning to watch the show will definitely give it a go.
@hikaymm me to. Homura and Kyouko are my favorite.
@Priscillasdoor no she is not maybe like fourth. Homura is queen man
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