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Challenge Accepted: Wallpaper/ Lockscreen Revealed!!!

Tagged by the lovely @MorganElisabeth
I thought I would do this challenge because it seems so fun!!
It's not special but ehh I will do them anyways!!
So below is my homescreen!!
Yes, it's my love I.M( Changkyun) from Monsta X!!!!
We are both 96' liners and do you guys want to know a funny story about this picture?!?!?
I'll tell you anyways!!
So in my math class I had my phone on and you could see him (although I don't know why I had it turned on) my friend and I were talking about Bts's comeback (more like spazzing XD)
During our little conversation the girl in front of me turned around and stared at I.M for some time (idk how long exactly) when she tries to get my attention.
So she tells me this, "Hey, your boyfriend is really cute!" she says as she smiles.
I only stared at her for a while until I noticed she was talking about I.M so the idiot of me says, "Thanks!"
The girl nods and turns back, while my friend and I are trying not to laugh!! Could you guys believe that?!?!
I want to know if any of have encountered something like this????
Sorry it doesn't look that great but this is my lockscreen!! Cute ChimChim in his Halloween costume heh!!
My ultimate bias, sadly I don't have an interesting story about this one and not much to say!
So I showed you guys what I have and now it's your turn to show us (if you want to of course)
(Also if I get enough likes I may show you guys my true face.....bum bum bum!!!! Possibly around 50?? Is that asking too much? Cuz I don't like showing my face on the web heh)
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