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On March 22, 2013, held a press conference welcoming Fan Meeting to be performed by one of the top Korean actor, Lee Min Ho. KWI trusted by Munial Sport Group (MSG), as promoter, to be one of the media partners who work together for the success of this event. Here is the interview with Lee Min Ho at the press conference: 1. Hello Lee Min Ho, how do you feel welcome fanmeeting for the first time held in Jakarta? What will you do tomorrow? LMH: I was so nervous and excited to meet fans in Indonesia. I will be singing, playing games, and there are a few other surprise appearance. 2. What do you say to your fans in Indonesia? LMH: Thank you for always supporting what I was doing and if there was a chance I promise to return to Indonesia. 3. From The many movie / drama starring you, which is the most memorable? LMH: I really like the drama Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter 4. The event fanmeeting tomorrow is a special occasion, why choose Indonesia? LMH: Since a few years ago, many fans from all over the world wanted me to be present at one of his country and Indonesia. The most widely SNS incoming messages asking me to visit Indonesia.And now finally there is a chance for me to come here. 5. What the heck do you think about Indonesia? LMH: Indonesia, the fans here are very enthusiastic evident from the many who waited for me at the airport and was very pleased. One of the islands in Indonesia are very famous, Bali, if there is time I want to visit there. 6. What surprises do you prepare for the fans who attended the event fanmeeting tomorrow? LMH: Hmm secret, his name is also a surprise hehe 7. Before coming to Indonesia, what the hell do you know about Indonesia? LMH: Indonesia is known in Korea as the island of Bali. Many Koreans on holiday to Bali or to honeymoon there. Unfortunately also like to go there if the opportunity arises. 8. Before the press conference ended, what is the message and you hope for the event fanmeeting tomorrow? LMH: Formerly thanks for all the support, hopefully tomorrow the event smoothly and was very excited for him. And overhears one of my drama “Faith” is rumored to be aired on one of the TV stations in Indonesia in the near future, thank you, “Aka (re: I) love you”. That report interviews with Lee Min HO media present at the press conference yesterday. At the end of the show, Muly Munial, giving a surprise gift in the form of Jersey Ronaldo already signed directly by Ronaldo, Lee Min Ho looked surprised and very pleased. Muly know that Lee Min Ho loved football and decided to give the gift. cr:koreanwaveindonesia
I also thought about it! But I guess the they used Google translate or something.. I dont think theyve actually used it during the interview
agree with comment one.saranghae lee min ho.
I also have the same question why use those word.. Its like saying something bad about the place and the people
Based on the question translate why they are using words the "HECK AND HELL"!!! its really to bad to hear and read it!!!!!! Why!!!!