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I was tagged by some lovely bunnies @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay @glo86 @destiny1419 to do this challenge (i'm really behind ladies sorry!) so here it is! My handsome fishy Hae. My Home screen and Lock screen alternate a lot on which has a pic of Donghae but right now he's on the home screen. He was just on my lock screen for forever with pic #3 cause I love that pic so much! And since he enlisted it's gonna be in regular rotation for the duration he's gone. *sniff sniff* I miss him!
Lock screen is the ever handsome Minseok, my Xiukitty! Can you tell my screens reflect the season usually? LOL. He just looks so warm and cuddly I want to hug my phone! My phone is crapping out on me lately which means it does whatever the f**k it wants so yeah, it wouldn't let me screen-cap my lock screen even though it JUST LET ME DO THE HOME SCREEN.. sorry rant i know, it's just been buggy the last few weeks and frustrating as all get out. Which means I'm probably hopefully gonna get a new phone soon! I will tag some new bunnies @ButterflyBandit @Meeshell @namjoonswife @KatelynSummerso since I've no idea who all's done this yet since I've been slacking but anyway if you've done it already or don't want to ignore this (you won't hurt my feelings promise) or if you haven't and want to go for it! It is fun and if you do tag me cause I wanna see! Also @electica I think you were tagged already but if not do this!
Cute cute cute!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@ChelseaJay yep i always got the Donghae feels ready!
yahhh, ylu just had to remind me of donghae... my feels. and xiubunny! yassss