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Many people wish to be and pay a lot of money to look as beautiful as the top visuals in K-pop, but just how much money is worth the looks?A recent post on Pann asked users to choose between having the face of Korea’s top idols and three billion won (roughly three million US dollars). Using Sulli, Red Velvet‘s Irene, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona, and miss A‘s Suzy as examples, the post prompted many netizens to express their opinions on the poll.
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I'd rather the looks, money only lasts so long
umm can I do half and half?? like only change some features and take 1.5 mill... then I can buy my own personal trainer and still look like me haha
Definitely the money so if there's something I wanna change I will have the money to change it lol
I would pick the money.
I would pick looks