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Voting for the annual MAMA awards is always extremely hectic for fans, but EXO-L are furious at Mnet for making voting even harder for fans of EXO. According to Chinese fans, MAMA is taking extra precautions to reduce fans cheating the voting system, but only doing so for fans trying to vote for EXO. Photos of Chinese fans trying to vote for the award show revealed that upon trying to vote for the SM Entertainment male group, users were presented with a captcha prompt. While the measure was done to prevent fraudulent votes, fans pointed out that the prompt has caused many errors for fans, and has greatly reduced the amount of votes that EXO could have received. Photos also showed that upon voting for any other group, users were not presented with a captcha prompt.
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Hmmm, to be honest, I know that there have been a lot of problems with Chinese fans voting for EXO so I don't think the CAPTCHA thing is a huge deal as long as they were still allowed to vote? I'm not sure all the details though.