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Everyone starts out watching the most popular animes, its almsot like starter pokemon. Every trainer has to get one. The animes I consider to be "starter" animes are Naruto, Drangon Ball Z, and now sadly Attack on Titan. And these animes are good! Please dont ever judge someone for their tastes in something. It is in no way a reflection of the person's personality and they should not be demonized. If you don't agree with someones tastes share yours! And let them share theirs. The anime community needs to become a bit more friendly and by not judging people tastes and opinions we can obtain a more welcoming community of Japanese animation lovers! ♡

Has anyone ever had a problem? Comment below! ♡ Also comment your unpopular anime favroites! I will do the same

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I started with one piece but I just really got into anime and explored crunchy roll
2 years ago·Reply
Gintama. I think that's a unpopular one? Cause the people I meet that watch anime never know what anime that is. It's a shame :/ it's really awesome
2 years ago·Reply
Its seriously a great anime! ♡ @yourbucky40s
2 years ago·Reply
@captainespe0n Hahahaha I know right? It's so hilarious 😂 it's always trolling everyone, but this last time, they really fooled me with the "this is the end of the anime" because of the movie and the announcements
2 years ago·Reply
My first was The Law of Ueki, it was awesome!!!
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