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This is a list of the very first 3 Korean Dramas I'd ever seen.
@kpopandkimchi wanted people to make cards recommending dramas for people who aren't sure where to start. This will be the first of a few that I'll make. I'm kind of obsessed with dramas so I can't be satisfied with just this one card.

My Princess

Modern day Korea is considering reinstating the former monarchy. Think along the lines of England, they have a Queen, mostly for show, and a cabinet. It's got your traditional Korean Drama characters: Poor Girl who becomes rich, Rich guy who hates poor girl, Rich guy's ex-girlfriend who also hates poor girl, jealous sister, Crazy Netizens, Secret Births, etc.
It's a good one to get your feet wet.

Boys Over Flowers

Second drama I ever watched. I know everyone has heard of this drama; it's infamous. There is no need to to explain.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Starring everyone's favorite second love story line male from BOF. I became OBSESSED with the guys from BOF after watching it. I watched everything each of them ever did and I started with Kim Bum.
This one is about a woman who wants to be promoted to a new anchor so she focuses on her career at the expense of her relationships. The second love story line is hilarious and disturbing at the same time.
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Yes! Boys Over Flowers is where I started and it went downhill from there lol! I clipped this to the Beginners collection thank youuuu!!!
Awesome choices! Must get more people addicted to Korean Shows! Mwahahahah 👿