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Yes, my name is MissHamster if y'all wanna add me ^_^ but don't read my fics! They're lame ㅠㅠ I'm editing them so wait until they're edited! So, nowadays, I feel like as new people join Asianfanfics, the more boring the fics are. The new people aren't really much experienced in writing and it's quite annoying that the descriptions are better than the story itself... I like to read m-preg, some smut, crack, angst, psychological, death, abuse (here comes my dark side) and I think that's pretty much it... OH! I also like to read ChanBaek, KaiSoo, HunHan, EunHae/HaeHyuk, any BTS OTP, MarkSon and JongKey. Do y'all have some suggestions? But please ONLY from Asianfanfics. I don't like to read from other sites.

감사합니다!! ^_^

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@Marblue143 haha I've only read a Super Junior fanfic in WattPad but form then, they were getting boring so I stopped and I continued reading more from Asianfanfics @Emealia Hm, I'll check it out! Thanks
@KpopGaby oh I've been reading a fanfic that's like amazingly good, its called Two faced which is about sehun and a girl its really well written. PS. exo are half demons and half humans. PSS. it's funny and creepy😂
Oooh~ I see. I would read it but I don't like sci-fi. Those are boring for me XD sowwy
What's really funny is that I actually started Out Of My System about 4 hours ago and I'm in love with it... I want to finish it like right now but I have to work tomorrow and it's already 4am. But if you haven't already read it you should give it a shot. It has smut though. Quite a bit of it actually.
@XergaB20 Alright! Will check it out!