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The reality is I can't make my hair look that good. Naturally my hair is curly, and when heat is applied it just lays there. Am I the only one wishing I had their stylist?
I want GD's stylist lol that way someone could do my hair when it's curly and make it look fabulous since it never cooperates with me , that's why I straighten it 99% of the time
@BluBear07 that's my issue especially when it rains or its humid
Alot of Koreans have naturally curly hair. Most people don't wear it like that though cuz it's considered unprofessional. I think it looks great! my hair never does what I want it to do either. I could leave the salon looking like a million bucks and by the time I get home it's an unruly mess. 😧
Especially Ga-in's hair! I would love to try a bob but I just can't do it with my hair :/
@kpopandkimchi I just keep growing mine out hoping something will magically transform it!!!