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Amazing. Story Plot Amazing. Ost Amazing aswell. Ep 6 or 7 on the ferris wheel with the bombs immediately send you to the Land of Feels lol. Highly recommended. Youre Welcome ✌
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@GinGinx I bawl my eyes out everytime I see the last episode
2 years ago·Reply
@captainespe0n Saaaaame \(;´□`)/ just thinking about it is getting me all depressed ;_;
2 years ago·Reply
Thts Clannad After Story for me lol @GinGinx @captainespe0n
2 years ago·Reply
@tculver1405 I've never seen Clannad, but a friend spoiled Nagisa's death for me so I get you~
2 years ago·Reply
I've never seen Clannad either but I've seen Nagisa's death and Ushio's death on YouTube. And oh god, I've never cried so hard in my entire life.
2 years ago·Reply