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Losing weight can be a really tough thing to, especially when we're not really sure where to begin. Several years ago when I first tried to lose weight, I was extremely unsuccessful. And instead, I was actually GAINING weight. I bought an expensive gym membership and wondered why I wasn't shedding the weight.
Oh, I know why. I just didn't really think about why.
I had three meals, but I also had the in-betweens. I gorged myself with ice-cream, shakes, sodas, sugary juices, frappuccinos, cookies, chips, fast-food.

I Had To Start Being Honest About What I Was Eating

Being honest with what we consume can really shed some light to why it might be difficult for us to shed those stubborn pounds. But sometimes it not that some of us actively ignore it, we just don't notice how much we're really consuming. And sometimes we really don't know the caloric weight to foods.

So what helps?

Counting Calories

Be honest with yourself and log everything that you eat, and that includes liquids with calories (juice, soda, shakes, ect.) One you get a good idea of how much you're consuming, you can keep a number in mind that you want to stay around.

Getting Familiar With Calories in Foods

If you're not into calorie counting, make guesstimates to what you're consuming. The more familiar you become with the calories in food, it easier it will become to keep track. For example: bananas around 100 kcal, 5 oz chicken breast around 230 kcal, most vegetables are under 50kcal per serving.
When you're able to figure calories out, you'll be able to make smarter and healthier choices.

Learn Nutritional Value in Foods

But calories aren't the only things we need to consider. We need to think about protein, fats, carbohydrates, deficiencies, and fiber. A piece of 6-ounce lean steak will do different things to our body than 6 ounces of ice-cream. If you can afford, seek out the advice of a dietitian. Or, do some heavy research on nutrition and how it applies to your goals.
Great points! But sometimes it's so hard to count all the calories I's probably not good for my mental health haha
Good points all around @alywoah :) I've never tried calorie counting really, because I feel like my body tends to know what it needs. But I'm not sure if that's scientifically accurate, or just my routine...?