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Guys, recommend me what else should I listen to please!!

I was doing some thinking and I realized I actually don't listen to a lot of kpop groups. I have some favorites that I will list here, but other than that, I haven't had the time to give others a listen (until now!). I have as favorites (according to how much music from them I listen to); BTS Girl's Generation Super Junior FT Island 2ne1, whom I've recently been getting into.
Others I listen to, but only know a couple of songs from, are: EXO Twice F(x) Red Velvet Big Bang All of which I want to listen to more. But, if there are any others that you guys recommend me, please let me know and I'll give them all a listen!! Thanks!!! ^.^
VIXX is my favorite. Block B is awesome as well. I'm just going to make a list of my favorites haha VIXX Block B - Bastarz is an offshoot and Zico has some solo stuff from SMTM4 SHINee - Taemin has good solo stuff EXO Bigbang - solo projects too... TOP, Taeyang, and G-dragon BTS B.A.P Infinite Teen Top Seventeen LU:KUS Ailee Super Junior B2ST ... Beast lol happy listening!
with Christmas around the corner I suggest Miracles in December by exo it really gives you the feels 😢
how could I forget Got7 and 24k?! Also, listen to JJCC. THEY WERE MADE BY FREAKING JACKIE CHAN
they have already list most of,my favorites xD so here are some others Boyfriend TVXQ nu'est MBLAQ Got7 A6P high4 BIG Byung History Shinhwa Beast K.Will (solo) UNIQ 24k H.O.T U-KISS B1A4 and the few girl groups that have some,songs I like... Orange Caramel AoA Apink (I don't listen to girl groups all that much) but please enjoy and may the music take over your life time every one else XD ONE OF US ONE OF US
There's so many groups I could recommend you but I'll try to limit my list. Shinee, ikon, winner, got7,vixx, btob,infinite, block b, and bap. I would've recommended some girl groups too but the only girl groups I really listen to are snsd and 2nei...
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