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I was doing some thinking and I realized I actually don't listen to a lot of kpop groups. I have some favorites that I will list here, but other than that, I haven't had the time to give others a listen (until now!). I have as favorites (according to how much music from them I listen to); BTS Girl's Generation Super Junior FT Island 2ne1, whom I've recently been getting into.
Others I listen to, but only know a couple of songs from, are: EXO Twice F(x) Red Velvet Big Bang All of which I want to listen to more. But, if there are any others that you guys recommend me, please let me know and I'll give them all a listen!! Thanks!!! ^.^
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OK some that I think are super good and totally should look into: um oh ah yeh by mamamoo (I looooved the mv PS. u might laugh) because of you by After School (the lyrics are beautiful) Cushion by sonamoo Deja Vu by sonamoo can you feel it by D&E (the mv is super fun馃槀) hero by monsta x it's war by mblaq like a cat by AOA Last Romeo by infinite (again beautiful lyrics) No make up by Zion.t (he's amazin) I'm in love with t ara so sugar free trouble maker by troublemaker oh and u should totally check out some hip hop I'm in looove with you make me feel brand new by San E and verbal jint Janus by boyfriend (awesome concept) and Be a Man by Mblaq have fun馃槉馃槉馃槉
OK you already mentioned 2ne1, BTS, and f(x) , so I will say some of my other faves: 2pm Sistar (you have to check them out!) Got7 4 Minute MFBTY (Rap Mon has a song or 2 with them. I am just getting into them and they are awesome) Winner AOA Brown Eyed Girls (and some of Gain' s solo stuff is pretty amazing, but... mature) a lot of the other groups I like aren't really making music anymore :'(... but another group you can check out is Topp Dogg . I think they just came out with a new album. they aren't one of my faves but they are OK
with Christmas around the corner I suggest Miracles in December by exo it really gives you the feels 馃槩
Hi guys!! Thank you so much. I'm gonna make a list and I'll listen to them eventually.
Any new groups you guys recommend too?