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Meet Tooru Mutsuki, a transgendered character in Tokyo Ghoul Re. This is the first time I ever see a canon trans character and I love Ishida Sui all the more for having such beautifully complex and deep characters.

Know of any other trans anime characters? Comment them below!

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@captainespe0n but since there is much you gotta watch out for those serious moments cause they'll surprise attack ya in the heart
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Yes! I've heard of people crying over Gintama, and I was like :0 "What it's a comedy!!" but yeah I hear it has the occasional hardcore feels @peahyr
2 years ago·Reply
@captainespe0n All the characters are really great and there's so much development within them
2 years ago·Reply
Really? I honestly only expected Gintama to be a comedy, just purely for laughs @peahyr Now i want to seriously watch it knowing it goes much deeper than that while still being downright hilarious
2 years ago·Reply
@captainespe0n I'm glad I hooked you on
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