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I think the heavens for Myungsoo;)
So everyone knows my UB is V but my second bias is so handsome uff he literally is perfection it's none other than INFINITE'S L!!
I like how he is modest he doesn't think he the best looking person ever and he is so attractive it's a fresh of breathe air that he's not cocky ... Who else loves them some L??
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he was my 2nd kpop bias...he doesn't have to do anything and he is so hot! ugh
I love myungsoo and all infinite its so hard choosing but sungyeol and sungjong are getting in my heart😂😊
myungsoo is my L my LOVE 4VER <3 <3 <3 <3 thanks 4 the tag my sis jojo and we miss u in the chat group lol love you <3 :*