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Funny Caption Challenge 11/9 - 11/15 Winner: InPlainSight!
Congratulations to @InPlainSight, the winner of last week's Funny Caption challenge. His caption (pictured above) won in a landslide victory with 22 'likes'! His entry will be this week's Funny Community featured card, and he gets to choose this week's funny picture!
Here's a fact about @InPlainSight: He's the other half of the Funny Community support team! If you have any questions about how to use Vingle, the Funny Community, or just want to meet a really cool guy, feel free to shoot him a message!
Want to join in on the next round of the Funny Caption challenge? Follow my Funny Caption Contest collection, and expect this week's picture to be posted sometime this Wednesday!
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@Inplainsight Congrats man!
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@InPlainSight Do you see that? Even @tslash0 gustas.
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switch the 9 and the 11 around on this card coincidence i think not
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