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happy sunday!!!! I know this is kinda late, but here it is! as you could guess from the image above, this week is....
Jong Kookie!!!! my little Kookie is my bias because he is adorable, great dancer, singer AND he's the Maknae! he.... is.... sorta.... like..... 5 years older than me (im too young!!!). but seriously, he is one of the ultimate OPPAS I have.
@bangtanella thx. I started listening to kpop (like full on, non stop) 2 years ago (11 years old) but I first heard Big Bang's Haru Haru (acoustic ver) when I 2nd (8 yrs old) or 3rd grade (9 yrs old)
5 years older!! wow he's about one year older than me. that's good that you are exploring different cultures at a young age! good job dongsaeng! lol he's my ultimate bias too!! 鈾♀櫋
haha what's up with Suga's face in the first pic? I looks like he is having the most astonishing conversation of his life lol
I got a little distracted by how suga is trying to catch flies while on his phone. but Jungkook is one of my favs
He's wearing the same hoodie as Mark in Got7 Just Right mv. Now I have to get one too 馃槢
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