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Let's give our RPG gamer Kirito, a Round of Applause for making it to the third round. But unfortunately his time has come to an end with a total of a WHOPPING TWENTY votes. As always it's sad to see them go but the show must go on. Get ready for Round 4. As a reminder, we are voting for our least FAVORITE badass CHARACTER not the one we love to pieces, the one who you think can go "kick rocks." Once again you can only vote once and only ONE character may be included, for example, FunnyChiz: I Vote Gon. ✔ FunnyChiz: I vote Luffy, Gon, and Ichigo. ❌ Non-Acceptable. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER LISTED IN YOUR VOTE, YOUR VOTE WILL BE MARKED AS INVALID AND WILL NOT COUNT.