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BOF is an obvious drama with LMH. And I posted that one in my previous rec card. LMH was my second bias ever. I loved him faithfully for a whole year before I found my true love in the Kdrama world. These are my favorite roles of his.

Personal Taste

LMH is an architect trying to win a competition to save his firm and his father's legacy. He will do anything to get what he needs, to the point that he pretends to be gay. The feels in this drama are ZOMG!! Someone gets proposed to in this drama and it's ZOMG!!!
Catch Phase: Game Over

City Hunter

LMH as the (emotionally) wounded (adopted) child of a drug smuggler getting revenge on the people who harmed his biological father. All of a sudden his revenge takes him to the Blue House (Korean President's house). It's so good! I could cry!!!


Of course this is here. How could it not be? Heirs is one of the best dramas I've ever seen. Of course, there was all the drama that comes from the chaebol world, but the love was clear from the beginning and it was unwavering. Gosh.
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