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As it said on the previous card, Kirito was eliminated, as the anime fans least FAVORITE bad-ass CHARACTER with a total of twenty votes. I have made some changes to the picture you hopefully make the game a little more understanding. The same rules apply; 1. You may only vote once 2. In that vote, you may only list one character ex. FunnyChiz: I vote Gon. βœ” FunnyChiz: I vote Gon, Ichigo, Sebastian, Luffy. ❌ 3. Must input your vote before the deadline 4. If you have more than one character in your VOTE, your vote will be marked as INVAILD. 5. Have Fun I will announce when voting is closed. *New cards will be posted every Sunday."
I vote luffy
Luffy is least badass.
Natsu and Sebastian are pretty badass. But I'd think Natsu is the most. Because he actually cares and loves what he does, he'd do anything for his Fairy Tail family members and his heart is pure. And obviously his power is the strongest ever. And even though he knew most of the stuff he's done probably would kill him, (like eating Lighting) or put him at some type of risk, he still did it to save his family. This is what makes me wish I was in Fairy Tail. I've never had a family. And the limits that Fairy Tail members go for each other is unstoppable and just full of love.
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